Collection: Pride Month

It's easy to get lost in the rainbows, especially as large corporations take advantage to sell more stuff. But don't forget, Pride began as a riot, and in a lot of places, just having a rainbow flag up can make someone a target. Pride is about being proud you're still here, that your identity is an important part of who you are, and it's about remembering those in the community who we've lost and those who are still at risk.


Visibility, during Pride month and the rest of the year, means that people who may not yet be ready to come out know that there are people around they can feel safe with. And you can let people in your cohort know you're with them without saying a word.


You don't have to buy anything to show your Pride, but if you want some handmade accessories that help you be a little more visible, know that JAH isn't a big corporation looking to enrich its stockholders through rainbow capitalism. I'm a non-binary, bisexual parent of young adults who are also in the LGBTQIA+ community, and my money goes to organizations that help protect us, not those that want us invisible or gone.