Collection: Sempre Lanyards

If you work outside the home, chances are your employer requires you to have an ID on your person. Or you need a card to buzz in and out, or there's a key that you need to keep within reach. Or maybe you're prone to losing things like the above and just like to have them easily on hand. If so, you already have a lanyard. But, does it reflect your personality? Is it soft and comfortable? Is the hardware easy to use, sturdy, and attractive? You can answer yes to all of those with one of these handmade, lightly-interfaced lanyards.

5/8" wide and 37" around (for a total drop of around 11" from the front of the neck). Lux coordinating swivel clip with included keyring.

About the name: Sempre is Italian for "always", and it's often found in music to indicate you should keep doing the thing it's directed you to do (like "sempre piano" for "keep playing quietly"). Here it means you always have your necessities with you.

Purchase a lanyard and ID wallet together for $2 off -- no code required.