Collection: Scherzo Zipper Pouch

At just 5.5" tall, you might not expect this tetrahedral pouch to hold very much, but don't let its size fool you! It's great as a gaming dice bag, packs plenty of snacks for an outing, holds hygiene items, and helps organize compact collections. A clip on top allows you to attach it to a backpack or other bag, with a D-ring on the bottom so you can clip things to it in turn.

About the name: a Scherzo (pronounced "skairt-so") is a dance-type musical movement, generally in 3/4 time -- it's also commonly known as a "musical joke" since Scherzos are often much faster than a minuet (from which the idea grew). Because these have four triangular sides, and because there's more to them than appears on the surface, "scherzo" seemed a natural fit.