Collection: Minuet Dice and Ditty Bags

These bags combine colorful outer prints with a smooth and slightly brushed interior for easy rolling. Its generous size holds more than a hundred dice with ease, but cinches tight to keep everything inside. Silicone polygonal stoppers on the silky cord allow you to open the bag as far as you want to with minimal fuss. Great for makeup (the edges keep your lipstick and mascara from rolling away), handwork projects, and anything else you'd like to spread out but also keep contained.

About the name: A minuet is a dance, and often classical music pieces that are in four movements (separate parts of the same piece) will have a minuet and trio section. Minuets are in 3/4 (or 6/8) time, but you're meant to feel them in a more circular, flowing way. Laid out flat, these bags are circles, and while you can put a lot into them, everything is kept pretty much contained, like minuets in the 18th-19th centuries.