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I was skeptical of wrist straps for mobile phones until I made one for myself, sort of on a whim, in preparation for a trip to the Netherlands with my mom and son. Honestly, it changed my cell phone life! When I kept my phone in my bag, I'd have to fish it out every time I took a picture (and I take a lot of pictures...) and there was always the fear that I'd drop it.

With the wrist strap, my phone was always right there, I had both hands free (which was handy when my son decided we needed to get the full Amsterdam experience and rent bicycles!), and it was super easy to use the phone and then just... let go when I was done. I didn't think I'd use it when we got home, but that strap has not left my phone... and I'm finding that for the majority of my errands, I only need the phone, my car or e-bike key, and a small wallet for ID, all of which I can clip to the strap.

Each strap comes with a tether tab that tucks between your full-coverage cell phone case and the phone, so that you can easily attach and remove it. The small end of the tab protrudes from the charging port. It's sturdy, but thin enough that it doesn't interfere with charging. (If you don't have a full coverage case, this won't work.)

About the name: "Coda" means "tail" in Italian. In musical terms, a coda is "a concluding section appended to the end of a work"; both seemed appropriate for something that attaches to the bottom of a mobile phone!

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