How to install your phone wrist strap

You will need: tether tab with gate ring; phone wrist strap; and a wraparound phone case that has a charging port. (The tether tab won't work with a partial phone case.)


Remove the gate ring from the tether tab:


Take your phone out of the case and place the tether tab inside. The small tab should pass through the charging port cutout.


Put your phone back in the case, making sure that the tab stays in place.

You can put the gate ring back on the tether tab before putting the phone back in, to make sure the tab doesn't fall into the case while you're doing so.


Attach the strap to the gate ring. The strap and gate ring can be removed if you want to use the phone without it, and you can leave the tab in place. It should not interfere with charging.


Go forth and have adventures with your phone secure on your wrist! I find mine immensely useful when traveling, because I can be hands-free but also have the phone ready at a moment's notice for photos.

I also like to attach a small card wallet and my key to the clip on the phone strap, so I don't have to carry a purse for short outings.